Aldi is selling an air fryer shoppers call a 'must have'

Aldi are launching another range of Kitchen Specialbuys – and their popular Ambiano Halogen Air Fryer is set to return to shelves this week.

Aldi air fryer
© Aldi
Aldi air fryer

The Ambiano Halogen Air Fryer is available to pre-order on Aldi’s website now and should be available in stores from this Thursday 21st January. Priced at just £29.99, it’s a great piece of kitchen kit for making tasty but healthier family meals without the need for lots of oil or butter.

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The Air Fryer has a lot of stellar reviews on Aldi’s site, one reading:

I treated myself to a halogen oven after hearing how good they were from a friend. I've used it every day since - it saves time because it heats up quickly, it cooks perfectly and, most of all is so easy to use. I don't think I'll be using my big oven so often now. This is a 'must have.'

Air Fryer comparison

This Air Fryer is even cheaper than the £39 Weight Watchers Air Fryer available recently at B&M, although it’s worth noting that the Ambiano Halogen Air Fryer has a smaller capacity, at just 1.7 l compared to 3.2 l. If you’re looking to air fry in large quantities, a larger air fryer may still be your best bet.

What else is in the latest range of Kitchen Special Buys at Aldi?

Aside from the Ambiano Halogen Air Fryer, you’ll also be able to stock up on a range of cute kitchen accessories from this Thursday, including a 3 pack of Rainbow Nestable Lunch Boxes (£4.99), a Kirkton House Banana Tree shaped like a monkey (£3.99) and a multicoloured 3 Piece Spiraliser (also £3.99).

On Sunday 24th January, still more kitchen gadgets are set to go on sale as Aldi Specialbuys, including a Salter Espressimo Coffee Machine for £29.99, an Ambiano Pressure Cooker for £49.99 and an Ambiano 4 Slice Toaster available in either sleek black or stylish copper for just £22.99 each.

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