Aldi's new picnic range is a must-have this summer

Coming to Aldi stores this Sunday is a neat picnic range that will take care of all your summer picnic needs!

Aldi’s New Picnic Range
Aldi’s New Picnic Range

Aldi has launched a whole new picnic range that will fit perfectly into your summer plans of wining and dining outside in the sun. The most buzzing item in the range is a picnic table that holds four glasses of wine!

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You can bet this product is going to sell out as soon as it hits the shelves so be sure to preorder your table before it comes out on Sunday.

Kirkton House Picnic Wine Table

Aldi has designed their new picnic table to be convenient, sleek, and functional. It’s a foldable table made out of bamboo, which is approximately 15cm tall and 40cm wide. But the winning feature of this table is, of course, its ability to accommodate all those essential glasses of wine. Carved into the table are five slots that can hold a glass of wine each, plus a wine bottle! And if you thought it couldn’t get better, Aldi is selling it for just £5.99—what a steal! To compare, a similar table from Robert Dyas is currently available for £35 and it only holds two glasses of wine.

The table is hitting Aldi stores on Sunday, however you can preorder the item online right now. You might want to step on it because Aldi fans have already been swooning over the new wine table.

Other picnic products

To accompany their dandy table, Aldi is coming out with outdoorwine glasses, which will sell for £4.99 for a pack of 4. If you want to cool your wine, then you can buy their cool tropical print picnic cooler—the Leaf Pull Along Picnic Cooler—for £14.99.

We know how wasteful outdoor picnics can be, especially if you’re using plastic cutlery, so Aldi has also launched their very own reusable cutlery set in steel, bronze and black, which you can buy for just £5.99. The set includes the basic spoon, knife, and fork, along with two different kinds of reusable straws.

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