You can now get an Aldi egg chair for your cat

Aldi’s hanging egg chair Special Buy has been so popular, they’re now bringing out a version designed for felines.

Egg Chair
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Egg Chair

We can never resist a mini version for matching with kids or pets - and Aldi may just have come up with the most genius idea we’ve heard this year: a cat version of their sell-out hanging egg chair. The cat version is wicker rather than rattan like the human one but features a similar hanging design.

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The cat egg chair will go on sale on Aldi’s website this Sunday, priced at £34.99. If it’s anywhere near as popular as the human version, you’ll want to be standing by your computer to have the best chance of getting your hands on one.

Aldi double egg chair

Meanwhile, if you’re still hoping to get your hands on a human-sized hanging egg chair from Aldi, mark your calendar for Sunday 21st June. The supermarket has revealed they’ve got a double version of the egg chair going on sale then. It has a similar design to the sell-out favourite and is priced at £199.99.

Other Aldi pet Special Buys

Also in Aldi’s new Eco Pet Special Buys range, you could get your hands on a mini sun lounger for your pooch. Complete with a removable canopy and priced atjust £19.99, it’s ideal for enjoying the summer with your four-legged friend whilst helping to protect them from the dangers of heatstroke.

The range also includes a variety of eco-friendly products like recycled pet beds (£19.99 for Medium, £22.99 for Large), recycled dog toys (from £3.49) and bamboo pet bowls (£3.99). You can even pick up a recycled dog coat for your pooch (£4.99). The range goes on sale from 23rd May online and will arrive in stores on 30th May.

Tesco is now selling an egg chair to rival Aldi’s Tesco is now selling an egg chair to rival Aldi’s