How To Properly Clean Your Toilet

When it comes to cleaning, there are certain places that you absolutely cannot neglect. But do you know how often you should really be cleaning your toilet? Watch our video to learn more!

How To Properly Clean Your Toilet

It is recommended that you clean your toilet on average at least once a week. It's clearly not many people's favourite chore but here are a few tips that might make it that little bit easier.


1. Toilet brush

2. Toilet bowl cleaner

3. Disinfectant wipes

4. Multi-purpose cleaning product

5. Roll of paper towel


1. Clean the inside of your toilet: Start with the toilet bowl after flushing the toilet and let the tank fill completely. Use your toilet-cleaning products to scrub each area of ​​the bowl. Scrub the bottom of the toilet well with the brush and the inside of the rim under the seat where all the tartar accumulates.

2. Clean toilet bowl and foot in a logical direction: Lower the toilet seat and clean with wipes. Start with the outer surface of the toilet seat; the part behind the toilet; the inner part of the seat resting on the bowl; the whole part of the bowl around the seat and up to the foot of the bowl. Finally finish the foot of the toilet using a multi-purpose product.

Here's how to easily clean your toilet Here's how to easily clean your toilet