What are the benefits of weighted blankets?

Since the invention of the weighted blanket, scientific findings have shown just how effective they are in improving one's sleep. Here's why.

Sleeping doesn't necessarily come naturally to everyone. Struggling to get a good night's rest could be caused by an array of different reasons that can sometimes last years for some people. Thankfully, weighted blankets have truly changed the game for those who have a hard time getting some much-needed shut-eye.

Weighted blankets use deep pressure stimulation

Much like the effect a swaddle has on a newborn baby, weighted blankets can provide a soothing sense of cosiness to people who struggle to sleep. The therapeutic mechanism used by weighted blankets is called deep pressure stimulation, and it essentially produces firm, controlled pressure to induce a feeling of deep relaxation.

The calming pressure of weighted blankets can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress as well as improve quality of sleep for people with insomnia, depression and even autism.

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In what ways can weighted blankets help improve quality of sleep?

Sleeping becomes easier when we feel safe and comfortable, similar to when we were cradled as infants or when we are hugged by loved ones. This same feeling of security, in turn, can also render the sleep-deprived less stressed and anxious, which has been proven to contribute in achieving overall better sleep.

The therapeutic technique employed by weighted blankets—deep pressure stimulation—has been shown to stimulate the production of serotonin. This hormone, which is a key factor in stabilizing our mood, feelings of well-being and happiness, as a result, reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and increases melatonin—the hormone responsible for helping you sleep.

People with overly-active nervous systems manifesting in anxiety, hyperactivity, rapid heart rate, and shortness of breath have reported better quality of sleep upon using weighted blankets. This is a direct result of theeven amount of distributed weight across the body that calms the feeling of fight-or-flight. Instead, weighted blankets have the ability to activate the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system needed in preparation for sleep.

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