Moles And Beauty Spots On These 5 Areas Of Your Face Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Did you know that beauty spots and moles can say a lot about your personality depending on where they are found on your face?

Do you fancy learning a bit more about yourself and those around you? Well it turns out it’s all about the beauty spots! Although where they are located might seem a bit arbitrary, they do actually mean something and can reveal a lot about a person’s personality.

The meaning behind your beauty spots

If you have these little marks on your forehead, then it means you have the soul of a traveller. If you have them between your eyebrows, this shows that you are a decision maker and have lots of ambition. You definitely won’t have a problem finding a job that you enjoy. Below your eyebrows, beauty spots and moles like this mean that you know how to adapt so that you get along well with others. Consequently, you are a sociable and rather easy-going person.

Contrary to appearances, moles and beauty spots located above your lips mean that you are both a seductive and sociable person. If you have them on your cheekbones, you are a born leader and know how to be firm when necessary. If they appear on the inside of your hands, this is a sign of stability and if you have them on your feet, you love new things, innovation and are popular!

Now it’s time for you to identify where you have these little beauty spots and moles on your own body. You’ll surely find it easier to understand those around you a bit more!

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