How To Make Your Face Slim

Dreaming of a slimmer face but not sure how to achieve it? Ohmymag has all the tips you need just read below to learn more then start moving your muscles!

How To Make Your Face Slim
How To Make Your Face Slim

How To Make Your Face Slim

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1. Exercises to slim the face: If you want to slim your face then here is a simple exercise to perform - you can do it anywhere, even in the office, provided no one is looking! Inflate your cheeks, then pass the air bubble from the right cheek to the left cheek, and vice versa, a dozen times in a row. Take a break, then start again with four sets in a row. Another exercise to slim the cheeks: open your mouth as wide as possible. Stay in this position for about 10 seconds. Close your mouth, take a break, and repeat a dozen times. Final exercise to strengthen your cheeks: face a mirror. With your upper lip, try to touch your nose - this is actually not very elegant, so don't be surprised if you look a bit silly! To be effective, all these exercises must be repeated at least three times a week.

2. Diet to lose weight in the face: It goes without saying that you will not be able to lose weight from your face if you do not follow a healthy and balanced diet. However, if your cheeks are plump or you curse your double chin, it's not necessarily because you eat too much fat: salt and sugar may also be involved. A diet too rich in salt and sugar can cause water retention. These two ingredients are particularly present in ready meals, so ban these from your diet completely!

Choose fresh products and prepare your own meals from scratch without added sugar or salt. Go for foods that are high in fibre and be sure to drink enough water to purify and drain your body. Finally, avoid alcohol as this also leads to water retention.

3. Tips for losing weight in the face: Alongside the exercises above and a healthy diet, there are some other simple tricks you can try to help slim down your face.

-To slim and strengthen your cheeks, chew gum! Once a day, at the end of a meal, have a piece of chewing gum.

-To reduce your double chin, make use of your day or night cream: heat a dab of cream in the palm of your hand. Raise your chin, then begin to apply your cream by sliding one hand after the other, from the bottom up, to the area you want to slim, pressing with the palm of your hand.

-One last simple trick to slim your face: smile! It's the best way to lose weight in the face, and it'll always make you feel better!

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