This incredible trick for cracking eggs will change your life

Cracking an egg without getting shells all over the place used to be impossible, until one internet user proved us wrong with his intriguing method.

First, there was the amazing method of separating the white from the yolk with a clove of garlic. Now here is an incredible new technique to easily crack your eggs, because who among us has ever managed to crack an egg without getting shells all over the place?

How to crack eggs properly to avoid getting shells in your food?

Once again, we discovered this superb method on the TikTok social network, which has been making the web (and us) happy for the past few days. In a video, David Parody revealed to his one million followers that eggs are not actually being cracked the right way, which is why eggshells can very easily fall into your food.

The young man in the video then explains how to crack eggs properly: on a flat surface and not on the edge of the bowl or pan as we are used to doing. With this technique, the egg splits perfectly in two. The result is no more shells in your cakes and scrambled eggs!

'A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.'

Not only are they are not very appetising, but eggshells are also dangerous for your health and can cause intestinal problems (which we'd prefer to avoid!). Fishing for eggshells is not our favourite activity either. But as of today, this is all over, because there is actually a great technique to (finally) get rid of those shells for good.

The eggs themselves, however, are excellent for your health, although opiions seem to vary every couple of years. They may even help you lose weight. Learn more about it in the video above.

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