The Benefits Of Eating Walnuts For Slimming

Have you noticed that walnuts are recommended in many different diet plans? Ohmymag explains why...

The Benefits Of Eating Walnuts For Slimming
The Benefits Of Eating Walnuts For Slimming

The Health Benefits Of Eating Walnuts

1. Why walnuts are good for you: Many serious scientific studies have shown that walnuts and other oilseeds in general have a beneficial effect in reducing the risk of cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, and colon cancer in women.

In addition, the walnut has an antioxidant effect and is rich in dietary fibre, which facilitates digestion and eases hunger. This is why the walnut can become a slimming ally in the context of a balanced diet: as it causes an immediate feeling of satiety because of its high-fibre content that swells in the stomach. It serves as a natural appetite suppressant.

Researchers have shown that some of the fat in whole nuts, unprocessed, passes through the body without being absorbed: thus, despite their high calorie content, all the calories that the nuts release are not ingested by the metabolism.

2. How to consume walnuts: This appetite suppressant effect of the walnut makes it the ideal snack! For tea, instead of eating chocolate or cereal bars which give a short-term boost try replacing it with walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts. These nuts will give you fibre and a feeling of satiety that will last longer than confectionery. As they are still high in fat, it is best not to eat more than a small handful of nuts a day, either in the morning to avoid the chocolate cravings, or at 4 or 5 o'clock hours to keep you going until dinner.

A portion of 30 grams of shelled walnuts (about 14 nuts) provides about 180 kilocalories. You can also add a few walnuts to your salads and reduce the amount of dressing you drizzle on.

3. Side effects of walnuts: The main side effect of walnuts, like other nuts and oilseeds, is of course the risk of allergy. People with allergies to peanuts are more likely to be allergic to walnuts than the average population. In addition, people who suffer from urinary stones must avoid consuming walnuts because this food increases the risk of forming stones.

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