Nutella: Customers notice strange grainy texture in their chocolate spread, this is what it is

A number of customers reported that when opening their new Nutella jar they noticed the cream had bubbly grainy texture.

A new incident has put Nutella lovers on the edge. One of the most globally renowned dessert topping companies in the world, Nutella has left their customers in a dilemma. Recently many customers have noticed a strange bubbly-grainy texture after opening their new Nutella jars. One such customer took to Twitter to share his concerns and found out pretty soon that he wasn’t alone. Several cases of bubbly Nutella have been reported since then.

Bubbles in Nutella

This new issue has put the consumers on edge, especially since the salmonella scandal in Ferrero a few years ago happened. A while ago, Ferrero had to dispose of tons of products after salmonella was detected in several Kinder brand chocolates. Hence, this new and strange phenomenon in Nutella has made customers paranoid.

The tweet above is from a French user and translates to:

I've just opened my jar of Nutella, it's new, bought at Clay's carrefour two or three days ago... it's already happened to someone.

Ferrero reaches out to the customers

After making quite a buzz, the company finally put out a statement hoping to ease the growing fears of their customers. They stated that:

We would like to reassure consumers that these traces are not linked to ‘salmonella colonies’, but that it is a change in the consistency of the product due to storage conditions. This in no way alters the quality or taste of the product

Our sources at Le Figaro, the manufacturer of this product, explained briefly that:

This is a phenomenon known in the industry which is called 'granini'. It corresponds to small balls of oil that form as a result of temperature variations. Nutella fans can rest assured that, despite their unappetising appearance, these little white balls pose no health risk.

This article is translated from GentsideFR.

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