Former inmate, Amanda Dove, reveals what are the ‘most disgusting’ things in prison

Amanda Dove has taken to TikTok to share their experience of prison. In one of their latest videos they reveal the most disgusting things they have seen or heard…

Former inmate reveals what are the ‘most disgusting’ things in prison: 'There were long white worms'
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Former inmate reveals what are the ‘most disgusting’ things in prison: 'There were long white worms'

Criminals go to prison. That is a fact that is accepted by most. A great number of people believe that people who do bad things should be punished and prison is one of the ways justice has to punish criminals.

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While most of us will hopefully never have to know what being in prison is like it doesn’t mean that there is no desire to know what inmates go through every day. For this, we can thank TikTok creator Amanda Dove (@prison_story) who shares their prison experience daily.

Amanda Dove knows what they’re talking about

Why should we listen to what Amanda has to say? Indeed, many creators on TikTok talk about subjects that they only pretend to have expertise in. But Amanda is different.

In a recent video published on 23 August 2023, Amanda shares that they have been both to jail and prison. Prison just once and jail about 12 or 13 times. In addition to their own personal experience, Amanda is still in touch with some people they met in prison and jail so they can share a number of perspectives.


I made friends with an ant in jail, and he was the best conversationalist I met the whole time I was there. #jail#prison#time#inmate#questions#food

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The blatant lack of privacy or decency

In a video posted on 29 August 2023, Amanda responds to a question asked by one of her followers.

What is the most disgusting thing you had to go through?

When watching Amanda’s video an overall feeling of anger and disgust took over. Indeed, Amanda’s answers are, yes disgusting, but they also highlight the lack of decency inmates are faced with.

Amanda’s first anecdote retells the story of how they had to take a tampon out in front of other people during a strip search. Then, Amanda manages to top that story with something her friend Jamie went through.

Amanda explains:

Jamie said she was in the programme. They would do strip searches and drug screens at the same time. There was a drain, like a shower drain with no curtain. You would go in there with your Crocs on and completely strip and then you had to hold the cup underneath and pee like over this drain.

Amanda continues to explain that ‘lots of people missed’ therefore creating a dangerous situation where people could slip in urine and fall.

If you slipped, you were dead.

Amanda then proceeds to say that, on top of the physical risks of that operation it was ‘embarrassing.’ Being in that situation was so traumatic for inmates that many of them complained to their family members which led to this practice being stopped.

Worms in the drains

The final example we will use (there is more in Amanda’s video), is the showers. Amanda explains that even though these were cleaned every day an inmate once took it upon herself to get hair out of the drain because the water wouldn’t go away.

While this is a story that Amanda hasn’t experienced, this is something that they heard about and it is pretty shocking.

Amanda explains:

somebody went in there to remove the hair, well because women and hair, when it goes down the drain it gets clogged up. Well, I heard that there were long white worms just like all in the drains

We do not have more details about this but it is reported by plumbwize, a plumbing expert website, that these worms occur when drain flies lay a cluster of eggs. While these worms are not usually dangerous as they are ‘not known to bite or transmit blood-borne diseases (...) they can spread bacteria and (...) can worsen the symptoms of bronchial asthma.


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Former prison inmate reveals disturbing item used for self-pleasure by inmates Former prison inmate reveals disturbing item used for self-pleasure by inmates