Cancer, Leo, Virgo: Your arguing style, based on your zodiac sign

Arguments are unavoidable, but how you deal with them will determine who walks away unhappy or if you can settle on a compromise.

Cancer, Leo, Virgo: This is how you argue, based on your zodiac sign
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Cancer, Leo, Virgo: This is how you argue, based on your zodiac sign

Though we all dream of living a peaceful, conflict-free life, the unfortunate reality is that it will remain only that—a fantasy. In a world with people of extremely different backgrounds, opinions, and lifestyles, you’re bound to come into friction with someone else. Even the happiest, smoothest relationships find their way into bumpy roads sometimes!

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However, people approach arguments very differently, and learning how to navigate them will often determine the success of your relationship—or whoever emerges the winner of the debate, whichever matters to you more. Here’s how a Cancer, Leo, and Virgo would argue:


Sensitive, nurturing Cancer runs away at the first sign of conflict, so you don’t often engage in arguments. If it’s not even the least bit necessary, you’ll find all the ways to shut it down, so people can also trust you to not pick a fight. However, due to your turbulent emotions—you’re ruled by the Moon after all—you can be frighteningly manipulative when in an argument, observes BestLife. Even though you may use a sweet, caring approach, you’re just playing to people’s emotions to make sure you get what you want. When you’re pushed too far, the crab claws will definitely come out!

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As a Leo, your innate fire and liveliness come out on the daily. You’re straightforward about what you feel, so you have no qualms about sharing what’s on your mind, says BestLife, which means you won’t hesitate to get into a conflict when it comes up. You know your convictions, so you know you won’t have to prove yourself to others. Still, as a fixed sign, you can be incredibly inflexible since you’re steadfast in your beliefs, so other people can find you frustrating to talk to. Since your ruler is the Sun, an argument can easily get loud and spicy, especially when you tap into your theatrics!


As an obsessive perfectionist that busies yourself with efficiency, you don’t like involving yourself in conflict, as you think it’s a huge waste of time. You’re not a fan of being malicious or picking fights for fun, which often makes you quite passive-aggressive, remarks BestLife. Though you won’t hesitate to join an intellectual debate, you grimace when arguments start getting tense or impassioned—you prefer to keep it cool and calm!

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