Queen Camilla: Astrologer who claims to know her true personality reveals 'rulership is natural to her'

Queen Camilla hasn’t had it easy since being part of the Royal Family due to her affair with King Charles. An astrologer has shared what the Queen’s true personality is like.

Queen Camilla’s true personality revealed according to astrologer
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Queen Camilla’s true personality revealed according to astrologer

Truly knowing a member of the Royal Family is hard. We only know what each member of the Firm chooses to show us. As such, people have different perceptions of each Royal.

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When it comes to Queen Camilla, many members of the public still see her as a homewrecker as she had an affair with King Charles while he was still with Princess Diana.

Now that Camilla has become Queen Consort, she is even more scrutinised and followed by the media. An astrologer has given her opinion on what she believes is Queen Camilla’s true personality and it may not fit with everyone’s views of the Queen Consort.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it can always be fun to see what someone’s personality is supposed to be like depending on their zodiac sign. You can check your own zodiac sign here!

Queen Camilla is a Cancer

Celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains that Queen Camilla’s sun sign is Cancer which is ‘a calm and loving sign, committed to supporting others’. This has often been seen throughout her relationship with King Charles.

Honigman then goes on to explain that Queen Camilla’s rising sign is Leo, which is a zodiac ‘fit for royalty’.

The astrologer then adds that Camilla’s ascension as Queen is very fitting since she has Cancer and Leo in her astrological chart:

Her ascension to Queen is quite fitting of her astrology – Cancerians are family-centred and this is a title she received by marriage, so having the word ‘consort’ in her title to begin with is very Cancerian indeed, as it harks back to her devoted personality.

Then added on the Leo zodiac:

The title of Queen is to be expected due to her Leo ascendant in her chart. Leo is a regal sign and was born to rule, and the ascendant is one of the main features in a person's chart. Furthermore, Saturn and Pluto are also in Leo. This means that rulership is natural to her.

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Queen Camilla’s astrological chart clashed with Queen Elizabeth’s

Inbaal Honigman compared the Queen Consort’s zodiac with the late Queen’s. According to her, some would think they are similar due to their astrological chart, but in reality, they are quite different.

Queen Elizabeth’s sun sign is Taurus, which is ‘a stable and self-sacrificing sign, committed to helping others’ while her moon sign is Leo, which is ‘a regal placement suited for a Queen’.

She explains that:

Their public personas would therefore appear quite similar to the untrained eye.

What truly differentiates Queen Camilla and Queen Elizabeth, according to Honigman, is that Camilla has a ‘playful nature’ with planets in Gemini while Elizabeth has no Gemini in her.

Queen Elizabeth had a ‘romantic nature’ through her planets in Pisces and Camilla has no planets in Pisces.

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