Prince Harry: Woman sells what she claims is the royal's boxers for whopping £200K

Prince Harry’s black boxer from his wild night in Las Vegas has been sold for £200,000 to a strip club owner, claims ex-dominatrix who partied with him.

Prince Harry wild night out Las Vegas stripper Carrie Royale black boxer £200,000
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Prince Harry wild night out Las Vegas stripper Carrie Royale black boxer £200,000

A little party never hurts anybody unless you’re a Royal. Prince Harry was understood to be ‘carefree and free-spirited’ before marrying Meghan Markle. The Duke had his share of fun during his younger days from flirting with Cheryl Cole to stripping off in Las Vegas. Years ago, his nude images from a wild night out in Las Vegas made it on the internet.

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Years later, one of the strippers who was there with him on his infamous night out has announced she sold the underwear Prince Harry wore that night and allegedly gave to her, reports The Sun.

Stripper who partied with Prince Harry in 2012 threatens to leak his nude photos

According to, dominatrix Carrie Royale had priced the black boxers at a whopping £200,000. She claims to be one of the strippers present at the Wynn Hotel back in 2012 in Prince Harry’s suite.

Carrie confirmed she sold the boxers to San Diego strip club boss Dino Palmiotto. The strip club owner justified his purchase as ‘a piece of history from Harry’s playboy days’ and expects many tourists would wish to see the Royal’s underpants. He exclaimed:

I estimate there are around a million Brits, or people with British ancestry, here in California and they would love to see them.
Harry is always welcome at the club, too, and so is Meghan.

The strip club is 200 miles down the coast from the Sussexes’ Montecito home.

Meanwhile, the 52-year-old former dominatrix has threatened to sell Harry’s unseen nude photos on her OnlyFans accounts. This comes as she was furious that the Duke didn’t mention her in his autobiography Spare, reports The Sun. She said:

I have some nice ­pictures of him in the buff. These pictures have never been seen by the public.
I have poolside pictures of before the night and shots of Harry in the buff. People will be shocked by them.

Carrie labelled the royal a ‘bloody idiot’ and insisted she never shared the pictures before out of respect for him and the Royal Family.

What does Carrie Royale have to say about the nude photos?

Carrie Royale was previously a dominatrix but now she runs a film production firm. She claimed she kissed Prince Harry in a ‘drunken fumble.’ Carrie claims she was in Prince Harry’s suite for only 10-15 mins. She added:

I was single and thought, ‘Why not? It’s Vegas’.
I just got lucky. I don’t think he knows who I was or what I did.

Carrie has also extended the offer to Meghan Markle - who is apparently related to Winston Churchill and William Shakespeare - to see the pictures of her husband from the ‘fun days’ of his life. She invited her to subscribe to her OnlyFans channel for the same. However, it is understood that her OnlyFans account has been deactivated and she has been banned from the site since the announcement. The platform has said that Carrie cannot share non-consensual intimate images.

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