Prince Harry's latest video presenting military award raises questions about missing Coronation medal

In a new video of Prince Harry, the royal is seen wearing his military medals. However, one medal didn’t make it on the Duke’s suit.

Prince Harry King Charles Coronation medal
© Max Mumby/Indigo / GETTY IMAGES
Prince Harry King Charles Coronation medal

Since leaving his royal duties behind in 2020, Prince Harry has made sure to continue with his unwavering support of the Armed Forces as well as veterans. Though he now attends fewer events, the ones he attends are often linked to the army.

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That was the case on 26 April 2024. That day, Prince Harry sent a video in order to present a military award to Sergeant First Class Elizabeth Marks. In the video, Prince Harry can be seen in his Montecito home wearing a black suit and tie while proudly displaying his military medals.

However, eagle eyed royal commentators have spotted one medal was missing…

Prince Harry’s missing medal

According to The Telegraph, the missing medal was his Coronation medal which was given to the Prince on his father’s coronation day.

The publication also reports that this isn’t the first time the Duke of Sussex is seen without the Coronation medal. They say that in November 2023 in a video recorded for Stand Up For Heroes the Prince wasn't wearing the medal.

Instead, Prince Harry has once again opted to wear four medals including his Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, his Golden Jubilee Medal, Diamond Jubilee Medal, and Platinum Jubilee Medal.

A possibility he doesn’t have the Coronation medal

Of course the fact that the Duke of Sussex is not wearing the medal is making a lot of ink spill with royal experts and commentators reading into it. For instance, talking to Newsweek, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said:

Those eligible who were involved in the coronation were given a medal. The Sussexes do nothing by chance and this clearly emphasizes or is intended to emphasize his distance from the royal family.

Fitzwilliams also spoke to The Sun, adding:

The problem is that if he chooses not to wear the coronation medal, it will certainly be seen as a snub to King Charles.

However, as Newsweek remarks, it was never confirmed whether or not Prince Harry actually received that medal when his father was crowned. Both Buckingham Palace and representatives of Prince Harry have been contacted on the matter by The Telegraph and Newsweek but to no avail.

It is understood that the Coronation medal was awarded to ‘members of the armed forces, civil service, emergency and operational services who played a role in the planning or execution of the coronation ceremonial events.’ Moreover, it is the custom that the monarch gives the medal to members of their family as well as their staff.

Prince Harry's family is the military

Continuing to speak to The Sun, Richard Fitzwilliams speaks about the Duke of Sussex' relationship to the Armed Forces. He reminds us that Prince Harry has time and time again expressed his deep attachment to the military. Fitzwilliams even says that 'he's always regarded the military as an extended family'.

The royal commentator continues:

This is unquestioned, but he's always regarded the military as an extended family, and he's said that from time to time.
He's paid tribute to it. Invictus is one of the things he's given back clearly, because it helps wounded service personnel.
I think that he believes that the military was a pivotal part in his life. So obviously, when appropriate, he wears his medals, and obviously this has been a subject of controversy before.

That being said, reading into the lack of Coronation medal of the Duke's suit is a tricky thing to do. So far, it remains unknown whether or not he actually owns it. On top of that, putting forward the idea that it is a show of the tension between the Duke and his family, particularly his father, doesn't fit what Prince Harry has himself said in recent months. Especially following his visit to Clarence House after King Charles' health issues were made public.

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