Prince Harry and Meghan: Buckingham Palace has updated their profile on Royal website

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle update
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle update

The Royal Family has had a rocky few months with ongoing drama surrounding several of its branches - including those overseas. The recent health issues involving two key members of the institution have meant that others have stepped up their engagements. After Kate Middleton’s absence following planned abdominal surgery, concerns about the Princess swirled, but she was recently seen out and about with Prince William looking happy and well.

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Prince William also recently attended the same event as Prince Harry, but the pair managed to schedule their appearances so that their paths wouldn’t cross. This latest update involves Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who recently made a surprise return to Instagram to launch her new lifestyle brand. Here’s everything you need to know.

Major change to Royal website

Following Prince Harry and Meghan’s departure from life as a working royal, there have been very well-documented tensions between the couple and the rest of the family. However, their details on the Buckingham Palace website actually remained the same for a whopping four years - until recently.

Now, the website lists Prince Harry and Meghan under a side section, next to Prince Andrew. The latter faced major criticism due to his association with criminal Jeffrey Epstein. The move of the couple’s information to this section of the website - and the fact that their once individual bios have now been amalgamated into one - has been seen by many as a snub. Yet, others consider it an olive branch.

Are the Royal Family offering an olive branch?

Prince Harry’s section once listed every aspect of his life, from his work in the army and with Queen Elizabeth to his charitable endeavors: the whole bio was 2,700 words long. Meghan’s was 1,300 words, and listed her successful career as an actress and activist.

Now, the couple’s joint bio is only 500 words long, but it does shed the pair in a very positive light. The picture chosen to go alongside is very sweet, and shows the cheerful pair on a beach in South Africa with colorful leis hanging around their necks.

Furthermore, the page actually includes a link to Prince Harry and Meghan’s new website. This move has been seen by many as an olive branch, extended by the family as an acceptance of the couple’s desire to create their own image.

This major update has been noticed by many, and though some consider that the timing of it is not that significant - as the website has been gradually updated following Queen Elizabeth’s death - it comes at a time when unity in the family would be very helpful for their reputation.

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