Tom Daley: His husband Dustin Lance Black cleared of all charges after bar brawl with BBC presenter

Tom Daley and his husband will not have to take the stand in husband's violent bar brawl with BBC presenter trial.

Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black Teddy Edwards
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Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black Teddy Edwards

Tom Daley’s husband, Dustin Lance Black, has made a real splash in the news recently. He has been charged with assault after an incident involving Teddy Edwards, a BBC Three host, at the Freedom gay bar in Soho. But it seems Edwards isn’t innocent either…

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The Olympic diving champion’s husband, who is an Oscar-winning screenwriter, has been accused of ‘grabbing and twisting’ Edwards’ wrist, causing a drink to spill all over her. At a preliminary hearing in April, he denied the charge. Ms Edwards, 33, allegedly retaliated by punching him in the back of the head. She has been cautioned by police for ‘going too far in self-defence’.

CCTV shows the pair in a heated argument. When Black starts to walk away, it looks like Edwards throws a punch at his head. Ex-Love Island winner Amber Gill and Tom Daley are also in the clip.

Tom Daley's reaction to the fight

Gill, 26, who was previously rumoured to be dating Edwards, covers her mouth in shock as she witnesses the altercation. Meanwhile, 29-year-old Daley lifts his hands to his head. In his subsequent statement, Daley says he ‘didn’t see Mr Black grabbing or twisting her wrist’. The video dates from the day of the fight: 18 August, 2022.

Relationship history of Daley and Black

Daley was 19 when he started dating the American screenwriter, who was 38 at the time. They married in 2017 and had their first son via surrogate in 2018. They welcomed their second child, Phoenix, on 28 March 2023.

Black defends himself

Helena Duong, Black’s defence barrister, says:

I’ve watched that footage and slowed it down but it’s quite clear, in my submission, that you can’t see the wrist being grabbed.

It was Black who called the police over the alleged punch to the back of the head, for which Edwards was cautioned in February 2023. The trial has been adjourned and will go ahead on 8 November.

The trial is dismissed

On 8 November, the Judge overseeing this trial decided to dismiss the charges against Dustin Lance Black.

The Judge wasn't satisfied with Teddy Edwards' testimonies. The BBC reports:

(Edwardes) said in her evidence at one point that she could not remember a wrist grab.
She then said that she was sure that it did happen - and that was an obvious contradiction.

The Judge also stated that the CCTV footage wasn't clear enough to keep the charges. This means that Tom Daley and his husband will not have to testify or even appear in court.

After the court's decision, Teddy Edwards took to Instagram stories to share her side. She still affirms that the wrist twisting occurred. She also announces that the CCTV camera footage will be released to the public.

Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black Teddy Edwards  Teddy Edwards on Instagram

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