Prince Albert's son Alexandre Grimaldi spotted with girl from famous dynasty: Who is Savannah Hennessy?

It has been known for some time that Alexandre Grimaldi is happily engaged. Now he has appeared in public for the first time with his equally famous girlfriend.

Monaco prince Albert son Alexandre Grimaldi girlfriend engaged Hennessy
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Monaco prince Albert son Alexandre Grimaldi girlfriend engaged Hennessy

Prince Albert II of Monaco is not only the father of twins Gabriella and Jacques, but also has two other children. One of them is Alexandre Grimaldi, who is now 20 years old and wants to put himself at the service of Monaco.

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Who is Alexandre Grimaldi?

20-year-old Alexandre Grimaldi is the son of Prince Albert II and Nicole Coste—a former Air France flight attendant. The two had their child outside of marriage, and because of that Grimaldi is not included in the line of succession.

The young man of royal descent is currently a student at Royal Holloway in London, and though he's lived much of his life outside of the limelight, he's been gaining a lot of traction lately.

He's been spotted at fashion shows and also gave his first exclusive interview to Tatler which came out in their December 2023 issue.

More recently, he's been the talk of the town because he's been spotted with a girl that people, and even some media, believe could be his girlfriend.

Rumours of love between Alexandre and Savannah

Alexandre Grimaldi already revealed last year that he was in a relationship. He told Tatler:

It’s going very well. We met in Monaco, I’m moving to New York, she’s already moving to New York.

However, he kept further details about the relationship under wraps and only revealed that things were going well and that the couple had met in Monaco.

Now Alexandre has stepped out with a girl, and the two are raising eyebrows, with many speculating that she could very well be the 'secret' girlfriend.

As T-Online reports, the girl he's been seen with comes from similar circles, even if she is not royal. The lady who has captured his heart is none other than Savannah Hennessy. Her family owns shares in the luxury group LVMH, and Hennessy is part of the conglomerate's spirits segment.

Savannah Hennessy has creative parents

As you can see from her Instagram profile, Savannah Hennessy works as an actress. According to a report in Gala, however, she is also a budding model. Her parents come from similarly creative backgrounds.

Her father Kilian Hennessy owns the perfume brand Kilian Paris. In an interview with GQ last year, he revealed why he preferred to set up his own brand:

Today, Hennessy is part of LVMH, so it's no longer a family business. To be honest, I never really wanted to work in the group. I always wanted to make a name for myself outside the group. I have built my entire career in the perfume industry outside of LVMH. I was careful not to seek privilege. I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and know that everything I've achieved, I've done myself.

Her mother, Melonie Foster Hennessy, is a versatile artist, according to ANIMICA Portraits.

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