Princess Charlene of Monaco makes appearance alongside husband Prince Albert at F1 Grand Prix

In the last few years, there have been rumours surrounding Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco’s relationship. In a surprise appearance, the Princess attended the Monaco Grand Prix on 16 May 2024.

Princess Charlene Prince Albert Monaco
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Princess Charlene Prince Albert Monaco

In recent years, Princess Charlene of Monaco has made few public appearances causing concern among the public. Indeed, for some time there were rumours surrounding her marriage with Prince Albert of Monaco as the Princess had spent a long period of time in her home country of South Africa.

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However, in a rare show of unity, the royal couple attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco on Sunday, May 26. Moreover, both Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have shut down rumours that there are issues in their marriage.

As we take a look at Princess Charlene’s most recent outing, let’s look back on her and Prince Albert’s relationship, from when the rumours about them splitting up started and Prince Albert’s most recent comment about his wife.

Princess Charlene attends the Grand Prix with Prince Albert

As per Daily Mail, Princess Charlene of Monaco attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monacoalongside her husband, Prince Albert. Both royals were dressed for the occasion, with Prince Albert sticking to his usual attire with a smart navy blazer and cream slacks. He paired the outfit with an event sunhat and black sunglasses.

Princess Charlene wore a navy blue jumpsuit by Louis Vuitton and large black sunglasses by the same French designer, paired with £890 Louis Vuitton slingback pumps in black and beige.

Some have noted a slight change in Princess Charlene’s fashion, with sources claiming the change comes from her devotion to her Catholic Faith and the fact that her parents have moved closer to her.

According to Daily Mail, Princess Charlene’s parents, Lynette and Mike have moved over 8,000 miles from the suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa to live in Monaco permanently. It has been reported the Princess' parents moved to an imposing property in La Turbie, which is just a few minutes' drive from their daughter, as claims a source.

The Wittstocks have moved into a house that's just a few minutes' drive away from Charlene, and they meet all the time. They make her feel safe and secure, and remind her of the far more carefree life she enjoyed in South Africa before becoming a Monaco princess.

Princess Charlene’s brother also moved to Monaco, before their parents. Indeed, as per Daily Mail, Gareth Wittstock moved to Monaco 10 years ago to ‘make sure his sister was being looked after’ while her other brother, Sean Wittstock regularly calls her.

Princess Charlene’s Grand Prix appearance seems to have calmed the public and media’s concern over her health, after spending almost a year in South Africa.

A timeline of events concerning Princess Charlene’s absence

To help understand where the rumours and concern are coming, here is a timeline of events surrounding Princess Charlene’s absence back in 2021, as per Daily Mail.

April 2, 2021: Prince Albert attends the Grand Prix event in Monaco with Jacques and Gabriella - their twins - without Princess Charlene.

May 18, 2021: Princess Charlene shares first photo of her conservation trip in South Africa.

June 24, 2021: Princess Charlene’s foundation shares a statement explaining she is undergoing procedures for ear, nose and throat infection and is unable to travel.

August 13, 2021: Princess Charlene undergoes a four-hour surgery, the reason is not stated.

September 1, 2021: Princess Charlene admitted to hospital under an alias after ‘collapsing’.

September 2, 2021: Princess Charlene discharged from hospital, with the following statement from the Palais Princier:

Her Highness is closely monitored by Her medical team who said that Her condition was not worrying.

October 6, 2021: Prince Albert reveals to RMC Radio that Princess Charlene is ‘ready to come home’.

October 8, 2021: Princess Charlene has more surgery in South Africa.

November 8, 2021: Princess Charlene returns home to Monaco but Prince Albert reveals she is ‘unwell’.

November 17, 2021: Prince Albert reveals Princess Charlene is recovering in secret location outside of Monaco.

November 19, 2021: Prince Albert reveals Princess Charlene is in a treatment facility ‘elsewhere in Europe’ after a family intervention.

March 14, 2022: Palace confirms Princess Charlene is back in Monaco but still needs time to ‘further strengthen her health before gradually resuming her official duties’.

March 30, 2022: Princess Charlene makes first public appearance attending Monaco E-Prix with Prince Albert.

Princess Charlene's year in South Africa

As we have previously explained, Princess Charlene of Monaco spent almost a year in South Africa after what was supposed to be a month-long trip. It was said that she was undergoing treatment.

According to GB News, Princess Charlene had contracted an ear, nose and throat infection and remained in South Africa to get the care she needed. Princess Charlene hadn’t been pictured in Monaco from January 2021 until March 2022, with the explanation that a sinus issue was stopping her from flying.

Around this time, rumours about her and Prince Albert’s relationship started. Indeed, while the Princess remained in South Africa, she missed her twins, Gabriella and Jacques birthdays as well as her 10th wedding anniversary.

In an interview, Prince Albert said that he had stepped up and took on a bigger role in their children’s lives. Moreover, though in 2023 Princess Charlene returned to public duties she chose to delete her Instagram account in the summer of 2023 - a surprising act for someone who used to post frequently and write her own captions.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have spoken about their marriage

As reported by GB News, Princess Charlene conducted an interview with a South African media outlet, where she denied the rumours about her and Prince Albert separating. She explained that the rumours were ‘draining and exhausting’.

As per GB News, Princess Charlene said:

There’s nothing wrong with our marriage and I find the rumours to be draining and exhausting. I simply cannot understand where they come from.

She added that it feels like the media or the public ‘want’ them to split up:

It feels to me like certain media or people want to see us split.

Earlier in the year, Prince Albert also released a statement talking about his relationship with Princess Charlene. He expressed that his wife was ‘very upset for him’ due to the negativity that has been aimed at The House of Grimaldi recently.

He explained that his family, ‘both immediate and extended’ have shown their support. As per GB News, he said:

Thankfully, my whole family is there for me, showering me with their affection, both my immediate family and the extended family of Monegasque.

He added that Princess Charlene is ‘saddened’ by the media but they are ‘supporting each other’ as Charlene resumes her activities and undergoes more public outings:

We supported each other. She has resumed many of her activities, more public engagements, to everyone’s delight.

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