Street Harassment: What About A Partner To Walk Home With?
Street Harassment: What About A Partner To Walk Home With?
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Street Harassment: What About A Partner To Walk Home With?

A new means of transportation may soon be available to you: walk safe groups. This mode of travel allows solitary women to avoid 'bad encounters.' We totally support this!

'Alone, on foot, by bike, by bus or on the subway;' which woman has never picked up her pace because she heard steps behind her? According to SAFF Me, more than 25% of women no longer feel comfortable travelling alone. The SAFF Me application, which is still in search of participatory financing, aims to fight against harassment and assaults in the street. How? Thanks to walking safe groups.

'I'm afraid to walk alone in the street'

By logging into the new SAFF ME application, women who are not reassured by the journey awaiting them will be able to travel some distance with another user. A great idea that grew in the head of a young man, Elvis Lageante, and his family. The SAFF ME concept? To secure, reassure and signal, and to make the traveller's route home a 'more friendly' one with 'less apprehension.'

In an interview with Terrafemina, the young man explained how it all began: 'My sister, my friends, my girlfriend (...) told me that they would feel much safer walking with someone and that the presence of a strange man can easily be a source of anxiety.' That's when he had the idea of offering a 100% female service to go home without feeling any pressure.

How does it work?

STAFF Me seems to be quite simple to use. A user writes in the application, her journey and the public transport she wants to use. Through a 'location system, it is directly linked to users who have chosen the same route and means of transport,' a bit like a rideshare system.

During the journey, the woman can always click on the app to notify the police or 'report a danger' when she considers the path to be dangerous. Thus, the user sends an alert that is 'transmitted to the users close by and to a chosen contact - her father for example - so that everyone is aware of her location,' explained the creator of SAFF Me.

100% female service

Some may question the application's ability to filter out fake profiles. The application is 'only for women' and to avoid any fake profiles, the application requires a selfie with an identity document, as well as 'email and telephone number verification' upon registration. We are quite reassured.

Present on the crowdfunding platform Leetchi for the past month, SAFF Me has already 'collected £800 in donations (...) without having done any real media campaigns.' If the objective of £8000 is reached, the application will be opened in all cities but that's not all. Elvis Lageante reassured us: 'We would like SAFF ME to spread throughout Europe because everyone needs it.' We agree!

For more information, watch the video above.

By James Guttridge

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