Survival Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Everyone should be well-prepared with simple survival hacks in case they are left stranded for days without anyone in sight for miles. Ohmymag will give you some survival hacks that everyone should know about. Take a look at our photo gallery today!

Survival Hacks Everyone Should Know About

1. AA batteries: Do you only have AAA batteries but need AA batteries? Don't worry, you can roll up tin foil and place them in the spaces of the controller.

2. Crayon: If you need help starting a fire then you can burn a crayon - it will burn for 30 minutes.

3. Fire starter: Soak cotton balls or pads with petroleum jelly or paraffin wax. Throw it in the fire before you light it and it will make it easier to start a stable fire. You can always use chips as a fire starter as well since they contain a lot of oil.

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4. Notebook: Always write down the phone number of your emergency contacts in case you need to call for help.

5. Canister: Use an empty coffee canister to hold your loo roll - it will be nice and dry.

6. Chalk: If you are lost in the woods for a long period of time then everything might start to look the same, therefore you should always make a mark on a tree using chalk or a piece of string.

7. Soda tab: Turn soda tabs into sharp fishing hooks by slicing and sharpening one side of the tab.

8. Super glue: Use super glue to secure your minor cuts - it will help keep your cut from getting infected.

9. Cloth: If you ever need clean water, take a piece of cloth and use it as a siphon.

10. Soda can: For a lantern, cut open a soda can then add a tea light candle inside.

11. Keys: If you have to walk to your car at night then hold your keys so that each key is poking out of the spaces in between your fingers.

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