What Is The Pegan Diet? Get The Lowdown On The Latest Eating Trend

Everyone is talking about this new Pegan diet. But what is it hiding behind its rather obscure name?

The Pegan diet is actually a mix of two types of current existing diets: The Paleo diet and veganism. Everyone knows what veganism is, but hardly anyone knows about the Paleo diet, which involves eating like our ancestors did. So what exactly is this diet method?

Well the majority of the foods that you will eat in this diet are raw. You can eat as much fruit and veg with all your meals as you want, which will end up making around 75% of your entire diet. To make sure you have an optimal nutrient intake, these foods have to be bio, and seasonal.

In comparison to veganism, meat is allowed and should make up about 25% of your diet. However, you should prioritise leaner meats, fish and shellfish. You can end your meal with some grains or cereals and to get your required fat, it is advised to eat oilseeds such as nuts.

No cheese

As with every diet, the Pegan diet has a lot of restrictions. Processed foods are completely banned as well as sugar, butter, oils and dairy products.

Does it work?

People who stick to this diet completely can lose weight quickly and consistently. The richness in fibre and the presence of starchy foods mean that you don’t feel hungry as much. The fruit and veg also contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

However, the absence of dairy products and fatty acids that are necessary for the brain to function properly can pose problems. This diet is therefore best used as a detox program for a few weeks and shouldn’t be adapted as a way of life. And above all, as with every diet, before you start this program, you should consult your doctor.

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