Molly-Mae signs a seven figure contract despite 'tone deaf' comments

Despite backlash the former Love Island contestant received after having made 'tone-deaf' comments recently, Molly-Mae has scored a lucrative seven-figure contract.

Earlier this month, Molly-Mae made some pretty upsetting comments during a podcast interview, in which she said that everyone 'has the same 24 hours in a day.' This led many to criticise the reality TV star for not being aware of the hardships that many who are not in a position of privilege have to go through every day.

A seven figure contract

But luckily for Molly-Mae, this did not stop her from getting a contract renewal and—with it—a pretty hefty sum of money. After partnering up with Beauty Works soon after ending her time on the show, the hair extension company has decided to continue its partnership with the big time social media influencer. An insider told The Sun Online:

Molly's range with Beauty Works was a bestseller so she's signed on with them until winter 2022. The deal is worth seven figures.

And added:

Molly loves working with Beauty Works and her recent launch of the new colour 'Molly-Mae' has become a best selling blonde extension colour for the brand. In 2022 they hope for it to out sell any other hair extensions on the market. The Beauty Works collaboration with Molly-Mae is continuing to grow and grow.

Molly-Mae's heart felt apology

After the massive thunderstorm of criticism she received for making what was deemed 'insensitive comments', the beauty guru took to social media to clear the air and apologise to her 6.2 million followers. In the post, she said:

When I say or post anything online, it is never with malice or ill intent. I completely appreciate that things can affect different people in different ways however I just want to stress that I would never intend to hurt or upset anyone by anything I say or do.

And added:

I apologise to the people that have been affected negatively or misunderstand the meaning of what I said in the podcast. The intentions of the podcast were only ever to tell my story and inspire from my experience.
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