Which Type Of Contouring Is Best Suited To Your Face Shape?

Round, long, square face... Everyone is different. That's why there are many ways to showcase yourself through make-up. Whether your contour is subtle or really pops, it has to be right for your pretty face. We reveal the techniques you need to use for a perfect contour.

If you have a round face:

To refine your face, go for a contour that makes your cheeks stand out. To do this, apply the darkest colour in the hollow part of your cheeks and your jaw to conceal your double-chin if you have one.

If you have a square face:

To soften the features of your face, apply a dark hue to the sides of your forehead as well as to the chin to fade out its sharpness. Apply a light shade at the bottom of the forehead and on the cheekbones to create contrast.

If you have an oval face:

To make your face look longer, apply a dark shade to the root of your hair to create the illusion of a shorter forehead. Go with a light shade in the center of the face to brighten things up.

If you have a rectangular face:

To reduce the width and length of your face, place a dark shade on your temples and jaw and apply a lighter colour to your chin to bring attention to the middle of your face.

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