This Woman Creates Extraordinary Halloween Looks... Out Of Toilet Paper

Evil clown, zombie or skeleton–all kinds of makeup tutorials are scattered on the net. But when it comes to special effects, the explanations are often very complicated and impossible to recreate. But this time a Youtuber created a tutorial that can be achieved with something we all have at home... toilet paper! We’ll let you discover how to do it.

No more incomprehensible tutorials with a list of products longer than the check-out isle at a grocery store. With this ridiculously easy disguise, you can opt for a crazy makeup look for your upcoming Halloween party and amaze your friends, without spending hours in the bathroom.

To create this wolf look, make sure you have the flagship product of this makeup: toilet paper.

Six leaves, no more, no less, will be needed to create the bloody strokes the wolf left on your face.

Twist the paper on itself until it looks like a cotton swab and, using a pencil, draw scratches on your face. Then, apply a sticky gel over the drawing. Stick the paper curls on your cheek on the scratch pattern, then let it dry for a few moments. After all this prep, it's time to do the actual makeup.

Take your usual foundation and apply it on your cheek and fill the inside of the scratches with a black eyeliner. To complete the blood effect, add fake blood in the scratches and then pat the contours with a sponge. And there you have it, a monstrously hot makeup look!

Check out the video above to see the full tutorial.

How to do zombie makeup for Halloween How to do zombie makeup for Halloween