Bumpkin: The Hottest Trend To Take Over The Internet This Halloween

Have you ever come across a bumpkin before? If you answer is no, then we're quickly about to turn that into a yes because this fabulously bizarre trend has come to take over the internet...

Bumpkin: The Hottest Trend To Take Over The Internet This Halloween
Bumpkin: The Hottest Trend To Take Over The Internet This Halloween

We've had glitter boobs (or more crudely referred to as disco tits) during festival season, now please welcome: the bumpkin. And no, this isn't some kind of an obscure Tim Burton character that we missed, but it is actually the art of cladding your booty in vibrant orange paints and drawing that spooky pumpkin grin to finish the look and, behold, you have a bumpkin. Better yet, throw a bit of glitter on for the extra dazzle and you can be damn sure you aren't going to be boring anyone this Halloween.

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Thicc or treat?

The bumpkin is a continuation of the glitter butt trend that took festival season by storm - it seems people just can't get enough sparkle, so why limit it just to your face? Granted it may not be the most practical of inventions, but if you take part, be sure to take a photo and join in on the spooky festivities.

If you're wondering who's behind this trend swamping the internet, GoGetGlitter, UK-based glitter brand, would certainly be one of the main culprits, having debuted the eccentric halloween look on their Insta page, captioning it "TWERK OR TREAT Tag a friend who has a pumpkin perfect bum!" Speaking to Marie Claire, Sophia Levy, co-founder of GoGetGlitter, she expressed her excitement: "Our peach bum was, and still is, one of our most popular looks, so we wanted to recreate it with a Halloween twist!"

Now, if you're thinking about how uncomfortable it would be to try and paint your own butt, you would be quite correct because, let's face it, most of us can't quite bend that way. So, if you want to rock the bumpkin trend, grab your artsy friend to do it for you. Once you're done, grab a cheeky snap at the perfect bootylicious angle and you've got yourself some seriously good lookin' body art.

It’ll probably be a bit too nippy to take this trend outdoors on October 31st but it’s very popular on social media nonetheless… We can’t imagine why!

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