This is your most ideal beauty regime based on your star sign

Moisturizing cream, lip gloss… What's your ideal beauty routine according to your star sign?

1. Aries:

You take care of yourself with simple, or maybe even organic, products. You focus your beauty routine on your skin, teeth, and hair.

2. Taurus:

You take good care of your skin. You express your sensuality through the use of natural products.

3. Gemini:

You can't stand having chipped nail polish. You takegreat care of your hands.

4. Cancer:

You've been wearing the same perfume for years, and every morning, you preform breathing exercises to avoid bloating.

5. Leo:

You like to take care of your hair and spend a fortune at the hairdresser.

6. Virgo:

You never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. It's your glowing skin secret.

7. Libra:

You know which products work for you but don't hesitate to switch them up when you find something better.

8. Scorpio:

You make careful lifestyle choices to maintain your perfect complexion and you like to wear red lipstick as a final touch.

9. Pisces:

You never skip your pedicure. You need to feel beautiful from head to toe.

For more details, check out the video above!

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