Expert Recommendations For Good Hygiene

Do you think you practice good hygiene? Do you shower daily? Here are all the tips you should follow for perfect hygiene.

You probably take public transportation and sometimes, when it smells funky, you ask yourself: did the person standing next to me take a shower? But what about you? Do you think your hygiene is on point?

Should you shower once, twice or 3 times a day?

According to dermatologists, one daily shower is more than enough. Well, if you work out, it wouldn't hurt to take another shower! But beware, taking too many showers every day can harm your skin, because it weakens your epidermis.

Showering once a week?

Nope, we're not kidding, some people choose to shower just once a week. Unfortunately, this is not a healthy approach. Indeed, a lack of hygiene can cause dysfunctions in your health: genital yeast infections or foot fungus.

'Genitals, feet, armpits, the face, and teeth need to be washed at least once a day. And if you wash with a shower glove, you should dispose of it after each use, otherwise, it'll become breeding ground for bacteria,' explains dermatologist Catherine Olivères-Ghouti.

Taking a bath doesn't count

Soaking isn't enough to actually clean yourself. If you want to lie down in your bath, you can shower first and run your bath afterwards. Otherwise, you'll just be bathing in your own dirt... Sounds lovely, huh?

Pros and cons of wipes?

According to dermatologists, wipes are useless. 'Nothing beats water and soap!' exclaims the dermatologist. And that's all it takes to have perfect hygiene!

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