Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This Instagrammer's Unique Eyebrows

Her eyebrows take up half her forehead and she’s playing it to her advantage on social media. In what could possibly be THE worst makeup trend to ever grace social media.

Since Cara Delevingne came to the fore, havingimposing eyebrows is now fashionable in pop culture. But popular Instagrammer Anzhelika Protodyakonova has taken that trend to a whole new level, almost crossing the border of bad taste. The 21-year-old didn’t intend on become such a hit on social media, but without realising it, she has certainly become quite popular.

Even though her Instagram account is still private, thanks to her amazing eyebrows, she’s managed to become an internet sensation. Using her trusty black eyebrow pencil, Anzhelika draws herself eyebrows that manage to take up half of her forehead, painting a rather disturbing image.

Even though at first, she adopted this practice for herself and her own beauty regime, she soon realised that there was potential to make something out of it. Today, her Instagram account has over 90,000 followers and growing on a daily basis. She claims her inspiration for this weird trend came from the popular game, Angry Birds.

Check out the video above to see Anzhelika's crazy brows for yourself!

This Instagrammer's lips are driving the internet crazy This Instagrammer's lips are driving the internet crazy