Your Partner's Star Sign Reveals How They Really Feel About Getting Married

Do you get invited to more and more weddings, and imagine yourself with the ring on your finger? Or do you think that love doesn’t have to be formalised? Are you pro- or anti-marriage? Your star sign (and your partner's) could reveal all!

On one side, there are the pro-marriage people, who like to officialise things, who need to be reassured, who are attached to tradition and who like the idea of being the centre of attention for a day. And on the other, there are the anti-marriage camp, who don’t understand why you have to get married, who don’t like the idea of engagement and who even think that marriage is old-fashioned and outdated. Taurus, for example, is very attached to traditional values and must fight to convince their Gemini other half, who doesn't see the point in marriage. Which side do you take?

Certain star signs are completely obsessed by the idea of marriage, and have already planned it all even if they’re still single, like for example Leos, who like to shine in the spotlight and have all the attention on them. On the other hand, some refuse categorically to talk about marriage with their partner and avoid the subject at all costs, like Aquarius.

Discover the zodiac’s pro- and anti-marriage groups in the video above!

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