What Not To Say To A Teenager Based On Their Star Sign

Some things you absolutely cannot say to your teenager according to their astrological sign. Find out what they are to better manage their crises.

1. Aries: Whatever you do, do not give them a piece of your mind.

Your teen is stubborn and needs to play sports to channel their energy.

2. Taurus: Do not rush them.

It takes time for your child to find their rhythm.

3. Gemini: Let them interact with others.

In general, they spend most of their time on the internet chatting.

4. Cancer: Be gentle.

Your teen is very sensitive, be careful not to hurt them.

5. Leo: Show them how much you love them.

Your offspring needs attention, they seek your admiration.

6. Virgo: Learn relaxation techniques.

Yep, your teenager is anxious and puts a lot of pressure on himself/herself.

7. Libra: Encourage them to express themselves.

Artistic activities will be perfect for them to develop their creativity and their taste for aesthetics.

8. Scorpio: Ignore their provocations.

This one's a real rebel, be more of a listening ear for them, while setting them straight if necessary.

9. Sagittarius: Talk to them.

Communication is the basis of all relationships, it's as simple as that.

10. Capricorn: Stick to your word.

If they feel that you have betrayed them, they will be very resentful.

11. Aquarius: Be tolerant.

They are searching for themselves and want to try everything. It will pass.

12. Pisces: Sign them up for a painting class.

Push them to play an instrument or learn to draw. It's a good way for them to express themselves.

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