These Are The Star Signs Who Are Most Dependent On Love

Some people are very dependent on a specific emotion; they need to always be close to each other, to do everything in pairs, and can't stand to be separated for more than 5 minutes! It's cute, but it can quickly become suffocating...

Due to their personality, some astrological signs are more dependent than others. This is particularly the case when it comes to Pisces and Cancer, 2 hypersensitive signs... But beware: emotional dependence can sometimes weigh heavily on a couple, and can even be the cause of a break-up. Zoom in on these two Zodiac signs that see love as the utmost importance!

1. Cancer: possessiveness and emotional dependence

Cancer is a very possessive person; they constantly need tenderness and sweetness in their emotional relationships because they need a lot of reassurance.

2. Pisces: a binding love

In their conception of a couple, they would like to merge completely with their heart's chosen one - if it were possible! For them, it's simple: everything must be done as a pair! Your feelings are powerful and you sometimes let yourself be blinded by your love. These two tender signs are also great romantics; with them, you'll live a great and beautiful love story, provided you give them all the support and love they need to flourish.

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Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign? Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign?