These Are The 5 Least Sporty Astrological Signs!

Lifting weights, playing a sport, riding a bike... Some astrological signs will get a chill just by reading these words! Sports? Certainly not! Discover in our video the five least sporty signs of the Zodiac!

Exercise has many benefits. And yet, some astrological signs prefer to hide, or even to lie, to avoid a workout session. They love their little comforts and hate the feeling of sweat on their foreheads. Why make yourself sore? For them, physical exercise is no fun. Moreover, the people who do 5 hours of exercise per week remain a mystery to them.

While some astrological signs are not sporty, preferring to watch television, others force themselves to go to the gym to keep fit. Which is no fun at all! If you are one of these less sporty signs, you may nonetheless own some exercise outfits... which you wear to hang out on the couch! You only use them for what they’re meant for if you know you have to burn off all the junk food you’ve been eating... For you, exercise is a real waste of time.

Check out in our video the 5 signs of the Zodiac which are the least sporty. We promise, you won't get sore just by pressing play!

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