These are the 3 most selfish zodiac signs

When encountering particularly selfish people we have all wondered why they are that way. This might be due to their zodiac sign.

Haven’t we all been selfish at least once in our lives? Whether deliberately or unknowingly, selfishness reflects our deepest desires to take up what we want without a thought about others. Selfishness can be deep-rooted or come out on occasions. But people can be selfish because of their zodiac signs as well. Here are the 3 most selfish zodiac signs that you might want to watch out for.


Aries are highly competitive in nature. Their need to excel at their task makes them relentless in pursuit of their goals. According to Elite Daily, Aries might mask their selfishness as ‘determination’ in order to justify their selfish actions.

Being the first one of the zodiac signs, they tend to have this entitled seclusion that they should be served first. Their nature makes them believe that just because they want to do something, the rest want to do it as well.

These are the 3 most selfish zodiac signs Marino Bocelli / EyeEm GETTY_IMAGES


Taurus have a hard time putting someone else’s need before their own. According to Astrotalk, they think they can never be wrong. Their big ego doesn’t allow them to consider other people’s issues.

They want other people to follow their suggestions, no matter what the circumstances and hate when they receive criticism. Moreover, they can be possessive sometimes which drives their need for greed.


Exceptional in wit and intelligence, this zodiac sign will not hesitate to manipulate you in order to achieve what they want. They are naturally smooth talkers which makes it easier for them to mask their verbal jibes and taunts as friendly banter. As shared by Astrotalk, Geminis mould themselves into different personalities in order to gain people’s trust and they might take advantage of it later too.

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