The zodiac signs who have a fear of vulnerability

Vulnerability is a trait that is rare to find these days and it could be because of your zodiac sign. Here are the zodiac signs who fear being vulnerable the most.

The zodiac signs who have a fear of vulnerability
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The zodiac signs who have a fear of vulnerability

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you end up crying and bursting into emotions every second, it’s a glimpse of who we are. However, it can be extremely frightening at times, considering how people mostly have their guards up. While being vulnerable isn’t a negative quality, some zodiac signs seem to have sworn off of it. YourTango analyses the zodiac signs who are most likely to be fearful of being vulnerable. They are:


The bull of the zodiac signs is famous for being stubborn and unadaptable. As such, to hide their weakness or emotions, they become obstinate and strong-willed and frequently impose their views on others. They believe that by doing this, they will be invulnerable to people and avoid being taken for granted.

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A Leo always wants to be the centre of attention, but how would they be the centre of attention if they appear weak or vulnerable to people? This zodiac sign usually has many people looking up to them for their leadership skills and so they want to appear the most perfect and strong version of themselves in front of people. In this effort to live up to their reputation, they tend to forget vulnerability is a trait that people relate to the most.


This zodiac sign, who always wants to balance out emotions, likes people to believe that they are easy-going and chill with just about everything. However, the truth is that they are as vulnerable as any one of us. They can only let people who they fully trust know their vulnerable side and the rest of the world will keep assuming that they don’t care enough about anything to be vulnerable.

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The dark and mysterious zodiac sign has a hard time trusting people. Being betrayed is a close second to Scorpios when it comes to vulnerability. So they tend to keep their emotions and feelings to themselves and shut down from the world to feel protected.

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