Meet the mutant kitten with four ears who has become an internet sensation

Due to a recessive genetic mutation, the kitten, who is a rescue, was born with two sets of ears.

An adorable kitten with two sets of ears has managed to work his way into the hearts of thousands of cat-lovers on the internet. Named Midas, the kitten, who was originally a rescue, was taken home by its owner in Turkey.

Playful and Friendly

Midas was born with two pairs of ears on each side due to a recessive genetic mutation passed on to her by her parents.

She’s got a smaller ear sticking out of her normal ears but her owner, Canis Dosemeci said they were thankful the condition didn’t affect her overall hearing. Neither did it affect her pleasant and good-natured disposition. Canis told the Daily Mail:

She is a very playful cat. But very friendly as well. She sleeps all day and is awake all night. She loves to sleep on my chest or shoulder. She loves to play with yarns, (we have loads of them because of my business), she steals them and hides them somewhere we could never find.

This charming personality permeated through the internet as within a matter of weeks, her Instagram page amassed more than 46,000 followers.

Love at First Purr

On Instagram, Canis said of her adopted four-month-old Russian Blue, that the decision to adopt her was quite an easy one; it was a case of falling in love at first purr.

Most of the black cats usually have it rough and tend to go through more difficulties finding a caring owner for a longer time. But not for Midas, because the first thing she did when I picked her up was purr and rub her face on mine.

They are hoping that the attention Midas is receiving online would make more people aware and compassionate to animals that are not typically the first picks in animal shelters.

We're hoping that the interest in Midas will help change more peoples’ perspective to look at animals they may have never thought of adopting. There are many cats and other animals in all shapes and sizes who are also looking for their forever homes.
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