This May Officially Be The World's Cutest Animal - And The Internet's Fallen In Love With Her

Ninita is only a few weeks old, but the world has already fallen head over heels for her—all thanks to a video showing her in her natural environment.

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This is an animal we aren’t too used to seeing! Ninita is a pygmy marmoset raised by humans. She was born in captivity but, deaf from birth, she was rejected by her parents.

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To help her avoid an otherwise certain death, she was taken in by humans. Now, Ninita is all grown up—but she adores people as much as ever…people and toothbrush-massages!

Some animal rescue organizations specialize in taking care of young animals until they find a family, and then they can be released back into the wild or, if a domesticated species, adopted.

Adapting animals

Unfortunately, some wild animals are obligated to remain in captivity due to their small size or an inability to communicate with others of their species. This often happens when they have been abandoned by their mothers before being rescued.

In these cases, the humans that rescued the animals must be willing to keep them; otherwise they become permanent members of the refuge. Some animals are quite happy to remain surrounded by people!

The presence of other animals can sometimes unsettle animals that have been abandoned, so this technique is often used to socialize animals that have communication problems.

Take a look at the video above to see more of Ninita and get your daily dose of cute!

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