This test created by a NASA rocket scientist might be the way to find your one true love

Tired of the randomness of love? We may have found the personality test for you!

Want to make love happen for you? Take this test created by a NASA scientist
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Want to make love happen for you? Take this test created by a NASA scientist

‘Love will come when you least expect it’ – ‘be patient…’ All of those things we tend to hear when we’re single always hint at the fact that love is something unpredictable. That love is something that happens to you… you know, ‘when you least expect it.’

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While aspects of those things might be true, leaving it up to fate may not work for everybody. Some people want to be prepared.They want to know what they can do to make their chances of falling in love higher. The issue is, how do you get ready to fall in love?How do you even get ready to meet someone to fall in love with?

The internet is full of tests that promise you help but we think we may have found a great one! And it’s NASA approved!

What is Nanaya?

The test we’re talking about is called Nanaya. It was created by Rashied Amini, a rocket scientist who worked at NASA. The way this test/app describes itself is as ‘a personality test to scientifically predict the future of your love life.

In their ‘About us’ section, they write:

Created by a rocket scientist, our app exists to help people take what they already have, their own personality, and turn it into the potential for a happier life.

What makes this test special is it the fact that it is based on science. We would explain it ourselves but we’re not scientists so we’ll let them explain:

Nanaya’s carefully developed personality test asks questions surrounding you, your social life, and your ideal partner. Then, the gathered data is put into our unique algorithm, which uses science to forecast your future –– and help you perfect it.

The way it works is simple: you take the test, then wait for the algorithm to give you your results; you receive a personalised report and then you get your future prediction.

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The personality test

The first part of the test that Nanaya offers is the ‘personality test.’ In order to determine your ‘personality traits’, as they call them, Nanaya created four main romantic traits: Energy (passionate or tranquil), Confidence (secure or cautious), Determination (Rigid of Flexible) and Lifestyle (wild or tame).

Once you have done the test and your personality traits are established, the algorithm will tell you in which of the 16 possible personality type groups you belong.

Nanaya describes these ‘personality types’ as:

a holistic description including relationship advice and in-depth details about your tendencies

This will enable you to have a clearer picture of your romantic personality and that’s how Nanaya can predict your future.

Want to make love happen for you? Take this test created by a NASA scientist Portrait of a Lady on Fire / Arte france Cinema

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The future prediction

The second part available on their website is the ‘Future prediction.’ This is where data analysis really comes in. The website explains that the algorithm analyses the data and is therefore able to take a deep dive into your life. This allows it to ‘anticipate your best chance at finding meaningful relationships.’

Nanaya claims that this technique allows them to ‘help users predict where love is hiding – and how to get there sooner.’ Exciting!

This ‘future prediction’ is built around 5 factors including ‘odds of finding love’ which helps you determine your habits and perhaps change a few things in order to have those odds in your favour.

However, Nanaya doesn’t claim to have all the answers or to be a magic trick. They explain:

Our reports aren’t a guarantee for happiness, but they are a calculated way to reflect on your values and life goals

On that note, we will leave you to explore and to take the test yourselves. We know we will!


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