Experiencing green discharge? Here's what you need to know

Although daily discharge is normal for vulva-owners, green discharge is always abnormal. Here's why and what it might mean...

What does having green discharge mean?
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What does having green discharge mean?

Vaginal discharge is a great indicator of sexual health and can let you know where you are in your menstrual cycle thanks to its changing consistency.

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Discharge can vary from being translucent and gel like (think egg whites) to thick, white, and creamy. However, green vaginal discharge is a sign that your vaginal health has been compromised.

What causes green discharge?

Green discharge is normally a sign that a treatable infection or disease is present. It can (but is not always) accompanied by other signs of infection/disease, such as discomfort during sex, an unusual/unpleasant odour, or other textural changes to your discharge.

You and your healthcare practitioner can identify the right diagnosis and course of action for the issue by keeping track of all of your systems.

Here are some of the likely causes for green discharge:


Also know as 'trich', trichomoniasis is an STI and is caused by a parasite that lives inside the vagina (or penis). According to Verywell Health, other symptoms include:

  • Thin, foamy or fishy smelling discharge
  • Itching, burning, discolouration, or soreness of the genitalia
  • Painful urination
  • An unpleasant feeling during sex

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Bacterial Vaginosis (or BV) is an overgrowth of the wrong type of bacteria in the vagina, upsetting the balance. BV is common in those sexually active, but it is not a sexually transmitted disease.

If you think that you might have BV, look out for these other symptoms:

  • Green, grey, or off-white discharge that is thin and fishy smelling
  • Vaginal pain, itching, or burning
  • Painful urination


Other STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhoea can also be the culprit behind green discharge. These too might be accompanied by pain during sex or urination, a change of smell, or an itchy feeling.

Experiencing green discharge? Here's what you need to know Getty Images

What should I do if I have green discharge?

Thankfully, STIs, BV, and trich can be treated easily when identified properly, so if you have any concerns regarding the health of your vagina, schedule a visit with your doctor as soon as possible.

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