Stuffy nose at night: Here's what it could mean for your health

You stuffy nose might not simply be a result of the dropping temperatures. Here's all you should know about what it could imply.

Stuffy nose at night mean for your health
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Stuffy nose at night mean for your health

Though the holiday months bring cosiness and festivities, let's face it, it also signals flu season. This is why it's important to strengthen your immune system as winter hits. And keep up good habits such as breathing in fresh air.

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On the other hand, runny or even stuffy nose might be accepted by some people as a result of the weather and cold. But there could be more going on with your body.

As per Livestrong, if you have been experiencing stuffy nose, especially at night, here's what your body could be trying to tell you.

Reasons for stuffiness of nose at night

If your nose feels completely okay during the day, but as nighttime rolls around, you feel stuffiness and congestion in your nose, it is not likely that its caused by cold or allergies.

You stuff nose might be due to something other than the cold or flu Ivan Samkov

Instead, you might be suffering from a condition called inferior turbinate hypertrophy.

As per Mayo Clinic, turbinate hypertrophy comes about when there is an excessive growth or enlargement of the bony structures located inside of your nose, leading to the mucosa becoming enlarged or swollen.

The situation is exacerbated when you lie down, and hence you feel the stuffiness especially during bedtime at night.

Symptoms and cure for nighttime stuffiness of nose

Symptoms of turbinate hypertrophy can include:

  • Congestion or congestion when lying down
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Noisy or loud breathing
  • Stuffiness and increased nasal drainage

The condition can be caused by factors such as :

  • Hormonal changes
  • Medications
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinus infections
  • The common cold

You can try to manage the condition at home with allergy medications if your symptoms are caused by allergic rhinitis, or try nasal antihistamine sprays, nasal saline sprays or rinses or even steroid sprays.

If your condition persists, or majorly affects your daily life, do visit a medical practitioner immediately. In some cases, surgery might be suggested.

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