Are there really benefits to breathing in fresh air? Let's find out

Though everyone seems to be advising people to get some fresh air, does it actually do anything good for your health?

fresh air health benefits
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fresh air health benefits

As the colder weather sets in, lot of lifestyle changes are in order for us. To start off, do protect yourself against colds and the flu. Again, while you might change your sleep schedule, you should also follow expert advise on how to get out of bed when it's cold and dark.

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Apart from this, even in cold weather, people are advised to keep active, and go out for fresh air, and ventilate the house regularly to let fresh air in. But is there any merit to this fresh air advise? That's exactly what CBS News reports on. Here's all the details.

The benefits or drawbacks of fresh air

CBS reports that there is as much oxygen outdoors as indoors, then why is fresh air categorised as healthier?

Dr. Krishnan Subrahmanian, a paediatrician with Hennepin Healthcare tells CBS,

What we find is that when we're outside, when we're interacting, when we're taking deep breaths outside, playing, we're breathing a lot more. We're taking bigger breaths.

Turns out, breathing deeply does help more oxygen get into our bloodstreams, and makes our body function and feel better.

Breathing fresh air outdoors reduces stress, and relaxes you Ben White

Going out and breathing in fresh air also reduces the possibility of breathing in germs and contaminants. As the doctor explains,

When we're all close together, when there's germs, when there's particulates in the air inside in many places ... we're running heaters, you're recirculating air.
And so if there's any particle in the air, it will be recirculated.

Mental health and wellness benefits

Going out for fresh air in the woods or amidst nature is definitely far superior to breathing in any other kinds of air in crowded or polluted places.

The clean pollution-free air in parks or places with thick vegetation can do wonders for the body and for the mood, providing relaxation.

As Dr. Subrahmanian highlights, breathing fresh air outdoors is a de-stresser. He tells CBS,

That does a lot for our heart rate, for our stress response

There are also other perks of going our for fresh air, such as getting Vitamin D from the sun! Not just that, breathing fresh air has also be connected to improved focus and better cognitive abilities.

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