Here's what happens to breast implants after death, according to an expert

There isn't a question about death that Gerald, embalmer by day and TikTok sensation by night, can't answer. Knowing what happens to breast implants in the afterlife was no exception.

TikTok star embalmer reveals what happens to breast implants after death
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TikTok star embalmer reveals what happens to breast implants after death

Death, whether feared or accepted, leaves no one indifferent. And it often raises a whole host of questions. To satisfy the curiosity of Internet users, Gerald, an American embalmer, has created his own social media account. He regularly answers any questions his followers may have about the grim reaper.

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What happens after death?

When a person dies, the body undergoes a natural process of decomposition. Once the autopsy has been carried out, the embalmer, also known as thanatopractor, steps in to slow down the decomposition process. His role is to preserve the body's integrity. Disinfection, formalin injections, make-up and hair styling are all part of their daily routine. This is the profession chosen by Gerald, an American who has become a star on social networks.


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So what is Gerald's goal? To normalize discussions about death. Also, the man better known under the pseudonym @big_led73, regularly receives questions from his followers, which he answers via videos posted online. Recently, he chose this question to answer:

If a woman has breast implants, do they decompose or not?

His humorous answer has captivated his virtual audience.

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Breast implants are foreign bodies designed to last

The specialist's answer is clear.

They belong to you. You'll take them with you to the grave and your body will decompose around them.

Gerald also took the opportunity to respond to the urban legend that breast implants are systematically removed. They aren't. He continues his video by asserting:

Breast implants will always be there, they're not going to decompose.

The star thanatopractor went into further detail about the body's decay process after death.

It's often said that hair and nails continue to grow, which is of course not true. This impression is due to the skin retracting. Formaldehyde and ethanol, two embalming fluids, dehydrate the body. The skin then retracts, giving the impression that the dander is growing.

Judging by the cheerful comments underneath his publication, there's no doubt that Internet users appreciated the specialist's intervention!

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