Here's what happens to your body during a trip to space

A trip across the Galaxy is no mean feat for a human body accustomed to terrestrial gravity. Here's what it undergoes.

body space effect consequence health NASA
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body space effect consequence health NASA

Mars, the Moon: are projects such as Space X convincing you? Do you already see yourself surveying the vast Universe? You should know that your extraterrestrial peregrinations will have an impact on your body. Going to space isn't like going to the Bahamas. Find out what it will cost you.

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To infinity and beyond

In the Galaxy, there's no gravity, silence is deadly and it's constantly dark. Nevertheless, Space is becoming increasingly fascinating, so much so that many civilians dream of becoming astronauts. But as NASA makes clear in its bioastronomy data book, this requires a certain amount of preparation, as the effects on the body are so numerous.

What are the effects on the body?

Effects on the body, of course, but we shouldn't forget the effects on the mind either. After all, it takes 73 hours to reach the Moon, or 3 days in the confines of a rocket!

Muscles and bones

Because gravity is so weak (microgravity), muscles and bones that no longer have to bear the weight of the body tend to atrophy and lose density. Muscular resistance exercises are essential to counteract this effect.


Again, with the loss of gravity, body fluids are distributed differently than on Earth. Worse still, they tend to move upwards, causing swelling of the face and constant cranial pressure. Such pressure can have a detrimental effect on the ocular system, permanently altering eyesight.


In space, you're more easily exposed to radiation, which on long missions has an impact on your general state of health.


Clothing, which is necessary to breathe and stay alive, creates pressure on certain areas of the body, particularly on the hands via gloves. Muscle fatigue, abrasions and sometimes onycholysis can occur. Onycholysis is a medical condition that causes the nail to detach from its bed.

You've been warned!

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