This Woman Lost 8 Stone - Whilst Eating Fast Food

This Woman Lost 8 Stone - Whilst Eating Fast Food

A 32-year-old woman has revealed that she lost 8 stone while eating burgers and pizzas! Nathalie Dean weighed almost 19 stone two years earlier. She knew she had to lose weight, but she had an epiphany before her 30th birthday!

While shopping with her mother, Marianne, she really struggled to find a dress for the 30th birthday party. After several fittings, her mother finally told her frankly: ‘You cannot put that on!’ Her weight threatened to rip all the outfits...

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Nathalie then decided to take things in hand. She tried several diets, even going so far as to starve herself. But these draconian measures were too hard to follow and she could not stabilise her weight, despite her will.

In the end, she reveals her secret: allowing herself to eat junk food when she feels like it and do a little more exercise. In this way, she lost over 5 stone, without frustration. To consolidate her efforts, she enrolled at the gym and finished losing the extra pounds she had left. She says, ‘I'm living proof that you can have a beautiful figure and continue to eat greasy things!’

Watch the video above to see Nathalie's incredible transformation! 

Emma Jensen
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