How To Apply Wedding Makeup On Your Eyes

How do you do your make-up according to your eyes? Ohmymag is here to give you all the tips you'll need to be your most beautiful self on your wedding day.

How To Apply Wedding Makeup On Your Eyes
How To Apply Wedding Makeup On Your Eyes

How To Apply Wedding Makeup On Your Eyes

1. Adapt your makeup to the shape of your eyes: Your wedding make up should highlight your best features and hide your little imperfections. Do you have small eyes? Then you should favour softer colours for your eye make-up. The aim is to catch the light and make your eyes look bigger.

Always apply lighter eye shadow on the inside corner of your eye and save the darker shades for the outside corner. This technique also works on deep-set eyes. Add a little white pencil on your inner lash line and you're good to go.

For round eyes the aim is to elongate your face. Avoid using darker colours on the upper eyelid. This will only make your eyes bulge. Draw a line with a thin pencil that gradually gets thicker towards the outside corner of the eye.

False eyelashes are a must to give your eyes that cute look. If your not keen on falsies then an eyelash curler will be your best friend.

2. Choose your make-up depending on the colour of your eyes: For your wedding makeup avoid going over the top. A "smokey eye" look that's too dark could risk you looking like a drag queen. Instead use delicate, subtle tones. Likewise, shades that are too iridescent or pearly aren't very flattering in photos.

Wedding makeup that makes you look like a princess should generally match the colour of your eyes. Brides-to be with hazel coloured eyes should stay away from browns, beige, taupe, and champagne.

If you've got blue eyes choose complementary colours such as bronze, caramel or chestnut brown. These colours will deepen your eyes. Those with green eyes on the other hand should opt for lavender, grey tones, pink or copper.

3. The right way to get a beautiful wedding make-up look: Long lasting products are best for your wedding day. These products can withstand hot temperatures and tears of joy. Don't forget to define your eyebrows to structure your face. A trick make-up artists use is to apply a little highlighter to the brow bone. Finally, think about what you can do to touch up your look between photos.

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