Vladimir Putin: Why is there a statue of him in New York City?

A mysterious statue depicting the Russian president has been found in New York City's Central Park.

The statue, which depicts Russia's Vladimir Putin sitting atop a miniature war tank in bright red, was discovered earlier this week on a playground in New York City's Central park.

Who put this statue up?

As it turns out, the statue is actually a work art by French street artist James Colomina who took credit for it in a post on his official Instagram page. The now controversial and viral post reads:

Vladimir. This sculpture aims at denouncing the absurdity of war and at highlighting children’s courage when faced with violent, catastrophiques situations triggered by others. #stopthewar#streetart#jamescolomina

But it isn't only in New York City that the blood red sculpture was erected. It has also been found in Paris' Luxembourg Garden and Barcelona's Joan Miró park which appeared earlier this summer.

The statues come as we enter the fifth month since Russia's invasion of Ukraine resulting in thousands of deaths not seen since in the occupied country since WWII.

What else is Colomina known for?

The French artist has been known for his easily identifiable bright red sculptures erected in public locations intended to spark political conversation. In April of this year, a child soldier carrying a rifle with a rose was placed in Toulouse, France without any prior notice, a signature of his.

Last year, Colomina also revealed two sculptures in Berlin as commentary for the 32nd anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.
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