How to definitely cancel your Netflix subscription and erase your data

Have you decided to terminate your Netflix subscription? Here are the steps needed in order to stop billing once and for all.

You are no longer using it, or you've fallen for another type of video on demand service and you are dying to subscribe, or you've grown sick and tired of VOD services and decided to start a DVD collection? It is therefore quite normal that you want to leave Netflix before paying for another subscription.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription and no longer be billed?

To cancel your Netflix subscription, simply go to the 'account' section via the web version of the application. There you will find a 'membership and billing' tab containing your banking details and all sensitive information relating to your account.

In this section there is a tab named, 'cancel membership.' When you click on it, Netflix will ask you to confirm your choice, so all you have to do is confirm the cancellation, and you're golden. Netflix will obviously ask you the reasons for your departure, allegedly in order to improve their service. After this point, you would officially be unsubscribed from the Streaming platform.

You would still be able to enjoy the Netflix's library until the end of your subscription month and even recover your entire viewing history if you resubscribe within 10 months. Otherwise, it is permanently deactivated.

Discontinuing your subscription is a guarantee that your account will be closed as soon as the 10 months period is over. In other words, to regain access to the VOD platform again after this period, you would need a valid and non-terminated account.

Here's what to do after cancelling your Netflix subscription

In order to make sure that the data associated with your account is deleted and therefore cannot fall into the wrong hands, there's a quick procedure you can follow.

All you need to do is write an email to the Netflix customer service at telling them that you want all information related to your account to be deleted. You also have the option of having them deactivate your account without waiting for the 10-month period if you are sure you won't change your mind by then.

Finally, if you don't want to stoop to these extremities and you just want to make sure that someone in your household does not reactivate your subscription, we advise you change your password and have it be a requirement whenever a member of your household attempts to connect. All this is obviously possible via the settings of the web version of the application.

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