'Dahmer' director returns to Netflix with new Monster series about killer brothers

After Jeffrey Dahmer, Ryan Murphy is back to tell the story of Lyle and Erik Menéndez in his Netflix anthology series Monster. But who are these brothers, accused of killing their parents?

The Menéndez brothers have been at the heart of several series since their trial
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The Menéndez brothers have been at the heart of several series since their trial

The Netflix anthology series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which came out last year and took everyone by surprise, was a huge success. It will therefore return for a second season, in 2024, but it will focus on a different kind of 'monster' this time. According to Netflix executives, the Dahmer series reached '1 billion view hours in its first 60 days, making it only one of four series to achieve this milestone'.

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After dealing with the cannibal of Milwaukee, the anthology series will focus this time on the sordid story of the Menéndez brothers. Ryan Murphy is used to making anthology series - as the director of American Horror Story - and each season focuses on a different story, and can be watched separately from the others.

Netflix announces 'Monsters: the Lyle and Erik Menéndez story'

Seeing this trailer, you may wonder, what is this atrocious event that traumatized the United States? Well, on August 20, 1989, Kitty and José Menéndez were shot several times in the back by their children in their Beverly Hills mansion.

At first, Lyle, 21 years old at the time, and Erik, 18 years old, told the police they thought it was an organized crime murder situation, and they declared they were watching Batman at the cinema at the time as their alibi. However, investigators were quickly intrigued by the young men's profiles.

All the elements of the investigation seemed to point towards the couple's two sons. Indeed, not only were they known by the police for having robbed neighbouring villas, but they also squandered the family fortune very quickly on cars and luxury watches, perhaps too quickly in the police's mind.

Moreover, a few months before the killings, Erik Menéndez had shared with a friend a pitch for a movie script he wanted to make, about a man who killed his parents to get the inheritance money.

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The Menéndez brothers confessed to killing their parents

At the time, the police believed the murders to have been premeditated. However, during the first trial, Lyle and Erik Menéndez argued that they acted in self-defense against the repeated sexual abuse from their father, and 'the tyrannical madness' of their mother. The two brothers explain that they were 'afraid of being killed by their parents' if they revealed the abuse they were suffering from at home.

The jury was unable to agree on who was telling the truth. It wasn't until a second trial that the two brothers were convicted of 'premeditated double homicide'. Eric and Lyle Menéndez were sentenced to life in prison.

The announcement of the new Netflix series comes as the Ménendez case recently made the news again. A former member of the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo revealed he had been sexually assaulted as a teenager by José Ménendez, the boys' father, in a new Peacock docuseries Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed.

So to find out more about this case, we'll have to wait for season 2 of Monster, on Netflix, in 2024.

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