Lupin: Netflix's new French show is an international success

The new French Netflix show Lupin has resurrected the legend of the famous French burglar, starring Omar Sy and it has instantly become an international hit.

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The new French show Lupin has found critical acclaim on Netflix. A contemporary reimagining of a classic character in French detective fiction, Arsène Lupin, the show has topped the charts internationally and has been the breakout success of 2021 with its releaseon January 8.

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Directed by Louis Leterrier, the French series is already n°1 in France and the United States as well as in other countries of the world. A booming start about which the French actor, Omar Sy, who holds the lead role, rejoiced on Twitter:

For the rest of the cast, you can find—among others—Shirine Boutella (Lieutenant Sophia Belkacem), Ludivine Sagnier (Claire) or Nicole Garcia (Anne Pellegrini).

The Netflix show revisits the legend of Arsène Lupin

The character was created by French novelist Maurice Leblanc in the early 1900's. Throughout his many adventures, we closely follow a gentleman burglar who uses many stratagems as a master of disguise to hide his identity, all in order to better carry out his thefts. Leblanc even had Lupin meet the famous Sherlock Holmes in battles of wit and guile—though under the copyright friendly name of Herlock Sholmes.

To illustrate all of this, Omar Sy has in fact posted on Twitter a video in which we see him putting up himself promotional posters of Lupin in the Paris metro.

In the Netflix show, titled Lupin, the creators wanted to modernize the legend of this famous burglar. Omar Sy's take on the character has him as a silver-tongued man of mystery with a thousand faces. He acts, he put on disguises, he convinces and pretends his way inexorably towards his objectives. Driven by the injustice of his late's father wrongful arrest and conviction, the character seeks theft-based revenge on the wealthy family responsible for his loss.

Filming anecdotes

The shooting of the seriesLupin lasted a year. A year during which the actors had many a gut-busting laugh, as the actors Shirine Boutella and Soufiane Guerrab (who plays Youssef) can attest.

For his first day of filming, actor Soufiane Guerrab had to run long distances in the dust, a physical scene he remembers well!

The rest of Lupin is already done

Good news for those who have already finished the available episodes of Lupin. The second half of season 1 has already been shot. Meaning you won't have to wait a year to discover the rest of the adventures of the famous burglar!

More information in the video above.

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