Indian Matchmaking: Can you apply to be in season 3 of the Netflix show? Here's what we know

The first two seasons kept us hooked till the very end. If you want to make it to Season 3, read on…

Representational image of an Indian girl
© Don Arnold / Contributor
Representational image of an Indian girl

So you want to get married and be on Sima from Mumbai’s Indian Matchmakingshow? Here’s what you got to do.

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Sima aunty's process

Sima aunty is a traditionalist at heart and likes to take on clients through her own website called Suitable Rishta, as reported by Firstpost.

Sima has clients from all over the world: from the UK and Australia to Thailand and Singapore.

But be sure to carry a big fat wallet along, as her services range from $2,000 - $5,000.

Another report by Lifestyle Asia, however, states that her fee starts at a whopping one lakh Indian rupees or £1,0834 pounds approx and goes up to 5 lakh Indian rupees or £5,420 approx. that the star marriage consultant charges on both sides!

According to her interview with Condé Nast Traveller, she goes to meet the boy and his family first, see what their home is like, find out about their place or work and other details such as the school this potential groom has been to, before diving deep into his lifestyle choices.

She said during the course of the interview that finding out more about the person helps her ‘assess their lifestyles’ and then she recommends a suitable match that is compatible in her eyes.

‘This is where Tinder, Bumble and can’t compete.’

She also likes to ‘get to the bottom of things’ and find out ‘inside stories’, other than finding out the family’s values and other details one would ‘never get from looking at a person’s online profile’.

Sima Taparia once toldTodayof her matchmaking skills:

‘I don't work for any client with whom, personally, I don't have any eye contact.’

Can you be on the show?

Martin Hardy, one of the show’s casting directors, told Backstage that the series discussed about how people re-cast for the show.

‘We had two stacks: working through [Taparia’s] client base and finding people that were looking for partners that she could work with, and then become their matchmaker.’

Casting sites such as Backstage itself, among others, had listed now-expired casting calls on their respective pages for singles who were the following:

‘serious about getting engaged or married and willing to share your journey on TV.’

If you crack the first round, producers do an in-person meet-up with you, your family, and get to know the people around you and your thoughts on marriage.

Netflix then sends across a questionnaire, inquiring about partner qualities among other intricate details pertaining to their idea of marriage. From here on, the show’s producers screen the applicants further, while going for the ones ‘with some flair and drama for their final cast’, as reported by Bustle.

Although the casting calls are not open to the general public right now, just keep an eye out and be prepared to be dramatic and ready to tie the knot. Okay?

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